Respirator Fit Testing: 5 Key Benefits of Online Medical Evaluations

Let’s be real, your employees are probably thinking “not ANOTHER in-person appointment…” An Online Medical Evaluation by Mobile Health makes it easy for your employees to satisfy OSHA requirements for their respirator fit test.

You save time when your employees don’t have to make a trip and waste a day. Online Medical Evaluations mean your workers are medically cleared for Respirator Fit Testing from any device, when they want, in only a few minutes.

Here are 5 reasons how Mobile Health is innovating the way in which your employees receive Online Medical Evaluations for their Respirator Fit Test.

Rapid Results

Our online Medical Evaluations cut your wait time IN HALF. Whether you have 30 or 30,000 that need Respirator Fit Testing, the time you save matters. With in-person evaluations you must rely on the busy schedule of a healthcare clinic. However, 24-48-hour turnaround by Mobile Health puts you ahead of schedule and one step closer to safe and healthy workers. In fact, 90 percent of workers receive approval from Mobile Health clinicians in minutes! You can see results as soon as they are available in your Client Portal.


Typical medical evaluations for respirator fit testing are standardized. Every company has unique needs that go beyond OSHA’s standard medical evaluation. Our Mobile Health online healthcare providers live and breathe Respirator Fit Testing. They will help you customize your company’s medical evaluations with open-ended questions to ensure your employees are protected.


Streamlining your process for OSHA standard medical evaluations could be the difference in your employee getting things done or just getting frustrated. Help them avoid traffic, waiting rooms, and unnecessary irritations with Online Medical Evaluations for respirator fit testing. Workers can complete the online evaluation before they pick up the kids from school, right before their shift, or whatever time fits into their busy schedules.


You save the expense and disruption of sending employees to a healthcare clinic for a medical evaluation, and a return visit if follow-up is needed. Respirator Fit Testing with Mobile Health comes with Online Medical Evaluations whether you choose on-site, self-administered, and individual fit tests. A huge cost eliminated altogether.


Paper records and emails come with too many risks. When all of your data is in one secure place, everybody wins. Mobile Health has a 24/7 HIPAA-secure, dedicated website for employee submissions to ensure confidentiality. Your Mobile Health Client Portal allows for easy and safe retrieval of results – no risk of compromising employee health information.

Online Medical Evaluations + Fit Testing = OSHA Compliance

Let Mobile Health streamline Respirator Fit Testing compliance with Online Medical Evaluations and a custom fit test solution. Our skilled team of medical practitioners have performed over 175,000+ respirator fit tests in recent months. Mobile Health has fit testing solutions for every business type and size: online medical evaluation, on-site fit testing at your location, a self-administered FIT KIT™ for smaller teams, and next day appointments in our 4,500+ clinics across the United States. We deliver 37 years of industry knowledge with every fit test solution.

Let Us Design Your Fit Test Program

Request your free Respirator Fit Test quote today. A Mobile Health fit test gives you the confidence that your employees are protected and your business is OSHA-compliant. Get from point A to point B faster with Online Medical Evaluations for Respirator Fit Testing.

Let Mobile Health design a Respirator Fit Testing program to
meet your workplace compliance and safety requirements.