The Mobile Health FIT KIT™ is a self-administered respirator fit testing solution fully stocked with supplies, training, and certifications to meet your compliance needs! Mobile Health ships our FIT KIT™ directly to you, provides online medical evaluations, and trains your employees to fit test your staff! Our fit testing experts are always here for ongoing support — answering your questions along the way and giving expert advice for all things respiratory protection.

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“Can anyone on my team be a respirator fit tester?” The answer is yes! Your live, interactive training with the Mobile Health pros covers all the bases. If you have a question at any point in the process, we are just a call away. Each Mobile Health FIT KIT™ is stocked with testing hoods, nebulizers, testing solution, sanitizer, and certifications for OSHA-compliant respirator fit testing. Mobile Health’s flexible on-site, in-clinic, and FIT KIT™ testing solutions put the power in the hands of our partners ─ a fit testing business model you won’t find anywhere else.

Convenient Respirator Fit Testing | Mobile Health FIT KIT | Fit-Testing the New N95 Wearers


Each FIT KIT™ can test up to 100 employees. More than 100 employees? You can order multiple kits at once and restock as needed. With the Mobile Health FIT KIT™, the power of our national respirator fit testing services and mobile respirator fit testing teams is in your hands.

Mobile Health FIT KIT | Respirator Fit Test Kit


Utilizing the Mobile Health FIT KIT™ for new hires is a game-changer. As each new employee is ready for onboarding, they can complete their medical evaluation and you will have everything ready to perform OSHA-compliant respirator fit testing on the spot.


Mobile Health FIT KIT™ is an innovative, economical DIY solution containing the supplies, training, and certifications for OSHA-compliant respirator fit testing. Each kit includes online medical evaluations and can test up to 100 employees. You can order as many kits as you need to provide fit testing for every employee.

FIT KIT™ verifies that a respirator provides the wearer with the right fit, and expected protection of the respirator in use. For many industries, this is an OSHA requirement to ensure workers are protected from airborne diseases and hazards. Your FIT KIT™ comes with testing hoods, nebulizers, testing solution, sanitizer, and certifications for OSHA-compliant fit testing. Fit testing regulations state that the test should be conducted annually to ensure the respirator continues to provide proper protection. Each make, model, and size of a respirator will fit slightly differently, so you should be fit tested every time you wear a new manufacturer make, model, or size. Changes in weight, pregnancy, facial and dental alterations can change the fit of a respirator. If these occur, a fit test should be done again to ensure your respirator remains effective. From weight changes, to new respirators and annual compliance, the FIT KIT™ is your test-ready solution.


Each FIT KIT™ contains testing hoods, nebulizers, testing solution, sanitizer, printed instructions, fit test FAQs, and respirator fit test completion certificates to test up to 100 employees. Each kit also includes access to online medical evaluations.

Any member of your staff can learn to administer a respirator fit test. We provide live interactive training, printed instructions, and a dedicated Mobile Health guide. We make sure you can confidently fit test your own workers. How to perform a fit test? How to pass a respirator fit test? Completing the online medical evaluation? Mobile Health walks you through every step of the process.

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