A Self-Administered Respirator Fit Testing Program

Let Us Design Your Fit Test Program

Self-Administered Respirator
Fit Testing

Mobile Health’s FIT KIT™ is an innovative, economical solution for smaller businesses to Fit Test up to 99 employees. Mobile Health provides all the supplies, training, and support. 

We ship you our FIT KIT™ that includes everything you need, work with you before the Fit Test to train your staff, and provide the medical evaluations each employee will need.

The process is simple! FIT KIT™ is an affordable option for smaller groups. Mobile Health will make sure you’re trained and ready to Fit Test like a pro!

FIT KIT™ simplifies the entire process, meets all guidelines, keeps your employees safe and business OSHA compliant to avoid costly penalties.

FIT KIT Mobile Health

What's Included in FIT KIT™?

More than a box of supplies, FIT KIT™ delivers 37 years of Fit Testing experience. Before, during and after you use FIT KIT™, our Fit Test experts support you, ensuring you can confidently Fit Test your workers. Live interactive training explains Fit Testing, PPE use, OSHA compliance and sanitation protocols – plus answers all of your questions.

With FIT KIT™, it’s as though we’re on site with you, helping to ensure a safe and OSHA-compliant workplace. 

Unpack FIT KIT

Each FIT KIT contains the following materials: 

  • Testing Hoods 
  • Nebulizers
  • Testing Solution
  • Sanitizer
  • Printed Instructions
  • Fit Test FAQs
  • RFT Certificates 

Fit Test FAQs

We have A’s to your Q’s – see our list of most commonly – and frequently – asked questions.


1. You order FIT KIT. 

2. Prior to FIT KIT arrival, your workers complete an OSHA-required online medical evaluation. 

3. Our physicians review each evaluation to ensure the worker is medically able to wear the respirator.   

4. After FIT KIT™ arrivalMobile Health Fit Test expert conducts your live interactive training.  

5. You Fit Test every medically cleared worker and distribute certificates of Respirator Fit Test completion to all successfully Fit-Tested workers. 

6. You ship FIT KIT back to Mobile Health.  

7. Retain 24/7 access to all medical clearances and Fit Test results via our secure, HIPAA-compliant Client Portal.

FIT KIT™ Not the
Right ‘Fit’?

Mobile Health has lots of solutions! You can:

  • Visit one of our 3,000+ locations, nationwide
  • Have us come on-site to your location


Let Us Manage Everything

Mobile Health can come to you for an on-site Fit Testing event. We handle all the details, work around your employees’ schedules, and take care of everything. We conduct medical evaluations before the event through our easy-to-use online portal. Then, the Mobile Health team arrives with everything needed to Fit Test each employee.

Let Mobile Health design a Respirator Fit Testing program to
meet your workplace compliance and safety requirements.

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