Fit Tests Reduce Risk For Dentists and Small Businesses

Our recent efforts ‘behind the lines’ to clear thousands of frontline workers remain a source of great pride at Mobile Health. That frontline now includes dentists eager to resume work despite the risks. To assist, respirator fit tests for dentists are now offered at various on-site testing events, in our clinics and thousands of our nationwide locations.

Mobilizing, we took our fit test expertise ‘on the road’ and organized several on-site respirator fit test events. Coordinating with industry organizations, we cleared hundreds of dentists for N95 use in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.


Early on, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommended dental staff don the highest level of personal protective equipment (PPE) available during oral health treatment. The ADA tip sheet advocates the use of N95 respirators, goggles, and face shields when providing oral healthcare to reduce exposure risk.

The effectiveness of an N95 mask is only as good as its seal. Without a tight seal, the respirator wearer may be exposed to harmful airborne biological hazards. Consequently, OSHA requires employers to fit-test wearers of N95 masks as part of a respiratory protection program.


Flexibility is one of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned this past couple of months. We recognize that many dental practices are small businesses, with fewer than 25 employees. 

Mobile Health offers scalable and flexible options for businesses of any size to ensure workplace safety nationwide. Our on-site programs can fit test hundreds of thousands of employees, and our clinics and FIT KIT™ can handle anywhere from 1 to 100 employees at a time, with the option to order more kits as needed. We’ve also scaled other large-scale on-site employee screening programs, including temperature checks and Covid-19 testing, for nursing homes, dental offices, and other smaller businesses.

In place of on-site respirator fit tests, small business owners can choose between these options:

  • Schedule respirator fit tests and other occupational health screenings at our New York City clinics or one of 6,500+ national partners.
  • Request the Mobile Health FIT KIT™, which contains supplies* needed to easily fit test up to 50 employees at their place of business.  FIT KIT™ includes supplies, step-by-step training video, printed instructions and an online medical questionnaire to pre-screen candidates.
    *N95s are NOT included in FIT KIT™.

Read our respirator fit test FAQs.


So yes, we’re proud, even if pre-employment health screenings are all in a day’s work for us. Over our 38-year history, we’ve constantly reassessed ways to customize our services to meet business needs.

We’re here for you, and will continue to be.

  • Sara Stein
    Written by:
    Sara Stein