Respirator Fit Testing FAQs

Mobile Health is here to be your resource. We’ve got A’s to your Q’s ─ from online medical evaluations, to sending our mobile respirator fit testing teams to you, and scheduling individual appointments through our national fit testing services.

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Fit Testing Essentials

OSHA requires a respirator fit test to be performed for any worker with an occupational risk for exposure to airborne hazards. Mobile Health can incorporate fit testing into your pre-employment and annual compliance health testing solutions.

There are two parts to this process: a threshold test and a fit test. During the threshold test, the ability to taste an aerosol solution will be measured using a low-concentration saccharin or Bitrex solution. The threshold number identified will be referenced during the fit test. During the fit test, your employee will be asked to perform a series of five exercises that are meant to imitate motions they would make on a day-to-day basis. While doing so, a higher concentration version of the solution will be introduced; if the respirator has a proper fit and seal, your employee should not be able to taste the solution and will then pass the respirator fit test. This respirator fit test is only valid for the exact mask make, model, and size used during the respirator fit test.

Under OSHA regulations, respirator fit testing must be completed annually, and sooner if a worker requires a different respirator. Further, individuals who gain or lose weight, such as during pregnancy, or experience other facial changes, require refitting. Any of these changes can affect proper respirator fit.

Medical evaluations are an OSHA-compliant screening protocol to ensure that your employees are medically able to be fit tested and don a respirator. Prior to fit testing, Mobile Health sends your employees a secure, HIPAA-compliant link where they can complete their evaluations. Mobile Health PLHCPs will evaluate each worker and clear them for fit testing. Workers requiring further review will be contacted directly by our medical professionals.

A failed test shows the importance of fit testing! Technically, it’s the respirator that did not pass the test, not the employee. The employee must then try other respirator makes, models or sizes until one is found to fit properly and passes the respirator fit test.

No. Only their tested respirator has passed ‘inspection.’ Not all respirators are appropriate for every worker’s facial configuration. OSHA requires workers be fit tested on EVERY respirator assigned for work.

Under OSHA regulations, respirator fit testing should be completed annually, and sooner if a worker requires a different respirator. Further, individuals who gain or lose weight, such as during pregnancy, or experience other facial changes, require refitting. Any of these changes can affect proper fit.

Mobile Health provides 24/7 access to our secure, HIPAA–compliant client portal to review medical evaluations and fit test clearances. Our portal updates in real-time and handles all OSHA-compliant record keeping. 

Yes, OSHA requires all respirator users to be fit tested in order to confirm the fit of any make, model, or size respirator.

Fit testing needs to be completed annually in order to be OSHA-compliant.

Respirator fit testing ensures the highest level of protection for employees by confirming the respirator has a proper fit and seal, and protecting them from airborne workplace hazards.

A respirator fit test takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

On-Site Fit Testing FAQs

On-site respirator fit testing is a convenient way to fit test all of your employees at work, collectively, without requiring them to travel. With our mobile respirator fit testing teams, our fit testing experts come to you. We administer all aspects of your business’s respirator fit testing ─ online medical evaluations, fit testing supplies, certifications, and on-site reporting technology. OSHA respiratory protection compliance doesn’t get any easier!

From 10-100,000 employees, we will remain on-site as long as you need us. From one-day to one-month-long programs, we have the teams, testing, and technology to ensure every worker meets their annual respirator fit testing requirements with ease.

All you need are your employees, their respirators, and a clean, private space for respirator fit testing ─ we do all the heavy lifting for a seamless testing event.

Mobile Health can organize a fit testing event to fit your needs. Our on-site teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can accommodate any business need, regardless of size, industry, or location.


Mobile Health FIT KIT™ is an innovative, economical DIY solution containing the supplies, training, and certifications for OSHA-compliant respirator fit testing. Each kit includes online medical evaluations and can test up to 100 employees. You can order as many kits as you need to provide fit testing for every employee.  

FIT KIT™ verifies that a respirator provides the wearer with the right fit, and expected protection of the respirator in use. For many industries, this is an OSHA requirement to ensure workers are protected from airborne diseases and hazards. Your FIT KIT™ comes with testing hoods, nebulizers, testing solution, sanitizer, and certifications for OSHA-compliant fit testing. Fit testing regulations state that the test should be conducted annually to ensure the respirator continues to provide proper protection. Each make, model, and size of a respirator will fit slightly differently, so you should be fit tested every time you wear a new manufacturer make, model, or size. Changes in weight, pregnancy, facial and dental alterations can change the fit of a respirator. If these occur, a fit test should be done again to ensure your respirator remains effective. From weight changes, to new respirators and annual compliance, the FIT KIT™ is your test-ready solution. 

Any member of your staff can learn to administer a respirator fit test. We provide live interactive training, printed instructions, and a dedicated Mobile Health guide. We make sure you can confidently fit test your own workers. How to perform a fit test? How to pass a respirator fit test? Completing the online medical evaluation? Mobile Health walks you through every step of the process. 

Each FIT KIT™ contains testing hoods, nebulizers, testing solution, sanitizer, printed instructions, fit test FAQs, and respirator fit test completion certificates to test up to 100 employees. Each kit also includes access to online medical evaluations.

The Mobile Health Fit Kit™ can test up to 100 employees.

In-Clinic Fit Test FAQs

You or your employee schedule the respirator fit test at the most convenient time and location ─ next-day appointments at over 6,500+ nationwide clinics! Prior to fit testing, the employee submits their OSHA-required online medical evaluation provided by Mobile Health. Medically cleared workers bring the respirator they will wear on the job to their appointment. Following a successful test, the employee receives a certification for their respirator make and model, which is valid for one year. You can access results of the OSHA medical evaluation and respirator fit test in real-time through our HIPAA-compliant client portal.

 With Mobile Health’s 6,500+ nationwide locations, there’s a clinic right in your employee’s neighborhood. Let’s get you access to our scheduling and results portal for our national network of clinics!

Both the employee and employer will receive confirmation of respirator fit test results. Upon successful completion of the respirator fit test, all passing candidates will be provided a clearance card and certificate specifying the respirator make and model for which they have been cleared. This complies with OSHA regulations to provide a copy of results to the candidate to maintain on their person for proof. These results will also be documented for the employer on the Mobile Health dashboard or directly to your HRIS/ATS system through our innovative integration technology. 

Online Medical Evaluation FAQs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard (29 CFR 1910.134) requires a medical evaluation as an element of the written respiratory protection program. The purpose of the medical evaluation is to determine that it is safe for each individual to use a respirator in the workplace. This evaluation is reviewed by a PLHCP (physician or other licensed health care professional) to make sure the wearer meets all requirements necessary to wear the respirator. Should a concern arise from the evaluation, the PLHCP will discuss results and recommend appropriate action.

 Medical evaluations can be completed in a few short minutes. Each employee receives a link to complete their questionnaire from any device, they answer a simple series of questions, and Mobile Health PLHCPs provide certificates in our HIPAA-secure portal upon clearance. 

Absolutely. Mobile Health online medical evaluations are available as a standalone service or can be bundled with our on-site respirator fit testing, self-administered FIT KIT™, or 6,500+ nationwide fit testing clinics. No more searching ‘respirator medical evaluation near me,’ with our comprehensive range of fit testing services, we have everything covered. 

Yes, OSHA requires all employees to complete a medical evaluation prior to fit testing.

Yes, Mobile Health provides online medical evaluations that can be completed online on any device.

To complete an online medical evaluation, your employees need a device with connection to the internet. All you have to do is send employees a customized link, provided by Mobile Health.

Mobile Health PLHCPs report results the same day the online medical evaluation is completed.


A qualitative fit test relies on the user’s senses to determine if their respirator has the proper fit and seal to protect them from airborne hazards. The respirator fit tester uses a testing agent, like Bitrex or saccharin, and the individual either passes or fails the test dependent on their ability to taste/not taste the test agent.

No. Qualitative fit testing can only be used to fit test tight-fitting half-face respirators. Our respiratory protection consultants can answer any questions and help you determine which type of respirator fit testing is right for you.

The short answer: anywhere. You can schedule an appointment at any of our 6,500+ clinics nationwide, bring the clinic to wherever you are with our on-site fit testing teams, or utilize our DIY FIT KIT™. Talk to an expert about which solution is best for you ─ we are the most flexible fit testing provider out there – no matter the size, industry, or location, we can fit test your staff.


A quantitative fit test uses a machine to numerically count the actual amount of particles that are able to enter the respirator when worn by the user. The individual “passes” if the numerically calculated fit factor, measuring the amount of leakage into the respirator, is above the accepted limit.

Yes! Quantitative fit testing can be used for all NIOSH-approved full-face and tight-fitting half-face respirators.

From 10 – 100,000 employees, we bring the clinic to you! Our on-site quantitative fit testing teams come equipped with the staff, testing, and technology to get the job done. Results will come to you in real-time on your client portal.

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