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Fit Testing Essentials

OSHA requires the RFT be performed for any workers with an occupational risk for exposure to airborne workplace hazards, including COVID-19. Mobile Health can incorporate fit testing into pre-employment health screenings. 

OSHA requires each respirator user to complete a medical evaluation prior to their fit testPrior to fit testing, we send you a secure, HIPAA-compliant dedicated link where your workers can complete their medical evaluations. Before fit testing begins, our physicians will evaluate each worker to make sure they are medically able to wear an N895 respirator. 

Mobile Health medical evaluations + Respirator Fit Testing = OSHA compliance. 

There are two types of Fit Tests: qualitative and quantitative. During a qualitative fit test, the tester asks the worker to wear their respirator along with a clear plastic hood. The tester then applies a series of test agents to gauge the worker’s ability to detect smells and tastes. If a worker cannot taste any solution, then the tester might conduct a quantitative fit test – use a machine to measure any mask leakage — to achieve a true outcome. 

The worker must then try other respirator makes, models or styleuntil one is found to fit properly and passes the respirator fit test. 

No. Only their tested respirator has passed ‘inspection.’ Not all masks are appropriate for every worker’s facial configuration. OSHA requires workers be fit-tested on EVERY model of mask assigned for work. 

Under OSHA regulations, RFTs should be completed annually, and sooner if a worker requires a different mask. Further, individuals who gain or lose weight, such as during pregnancy, or experience other facial changes, require refitting. Any of these changes can affect proper mask fit. 

Mobile Health clients have 24/7 access to our secure, HIPAAcompliant Client Portal to review medical evaluations and fit test clearances.  

On-Site Fit Test FAQs

On-site fit testing is a convenient, hassle-free way to fit test all of your employees at work, collectively, without requiring them to travel. With on-site testingMobile Health’s expert fit testing team comes to youWe administer all aspects of your business’s fit testing, from set-up to medical clearance to mask certification to clean-up. OSHA respiratory protection compliance doesn’t get any easier! 

Yes, we bring all testing supplies and staff to your workplace to fit test your workers, according to the testing program pre-arranged by you and your Mobile Health Account Manager. 

Most importantly, you provide your workers for fit testing and the respirators they will wear on the jobAlso, on the day(s) of the event, you must provide a main point of contact, a clean and private space (conference rooms work best), a table with at least 2 chairs, and a list of employees with appointments. 


Mobile Health FIT KIT is an innovative, economical DIY solution that allows smaller businesses to fit test up to 99 workers themselves, using Mobile Health supplies and supportWhen you finish fit testing, simply mail FIT KIT™ back to us. 

Yes, you can! Mobile Health guides you through every step of the fit testing process, making you your own in-house fit testing expert. We provide live interactive training, printed instructions, and phone support. We make sure you can confidently fit test your own workers. 

Each FIT KIT™ contains enough testing hoods, nebulizers, testing solution, sanitizer, printed instructions, Fit Test FAQs, and RFT completion certificates to test up to 99 employees.

Most importantly, you provide your workers for fit testing and the designated respirators they will wear on the job. Beyond that, you will need a clean, dedicated space to perform fit testing. 

In-Clinic Fit Test FAQs

Mobile Health’s 4,500+ locations offer lots of fit test options!  Simply fill out the form at the top of this page and a Mobile Health representative will get right back to you with a list of nearby locations.

It’s easy – prior to an in-clinic fit test, your employee completes an online medical evaluation, which is then reviewed by a Mobile Health clinician. We will only fit test workers who are medically cleared for respirator use.

Retrieve medical reports and test results 24/7 from our secure, HIPAA-compliant Client Portal. Results are usually available within 24-48 hours.

Online Medical Evaluation FAQs

Absolutely. Mobile Health online medical evaluations are available as a standalone service or bundled with respirator fit testing.

Access is easy and secure. We send you a dedicated web site where your employees can complete and submit their medical evaluation in just a few minutes.

No problem. If needed, a Mobile Health clinician will follow up with the employee prior to fit testing to discuss any health concerns.

Yes – you may add open-ended questions to the standard OSHA medical questionnaire. For example, you could add a question to ask how long an employee has been a smoker.

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