We make qualitative fit testing more accessible than any other provider, giving you instant OSHA compliance for any half-face respirator. Mobile Health’s on-site teams, 6,500+ clinics, and DIY solutions can help you fit test faster than ever. Pair any solution with our quick and easy online medical evaluations. We’ve spent 38 years making respiratory protection effortless for businesses just like yours.

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While respiratory protection violations are the second most common OSHA citation, our partners are not a contributing factor. Our tech, our team, and our attention to detail keep you compliant. In fact, we save our partners 6.4 MILLION in OSHA fines every quarter. We would love for you to be a part of that number.

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Whether you choose on-site, in-clinic, or self-administered quantitative fit testing, our award-winning technology has your back. Schedule appointments in a few clicks, receive real-time results, utilize our HIPAA-compliant technology for your in-house program ─ the possibilities are endless! 

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We are respiratory protection experts, tech gurus, and OSHA aficionados… What we’re trying to say is that we are more than a provider, we’re your partner. Mobile Health learns your needs, hears your concerns, and builds a program tailored to YOU. When you have questions, we have expert, educated answers. 


A qualitative fit test relies on the user’s senses to determine if their respirator has the proper fit and seal to protect them from airborne hazards. The respirator fit tester uses a testing agent, like Bitrex or saccharin, and the individual either passes or fails the test dependent on their ability to taste/not taste the test agent.

No. Qualitative fit testing can only be used to fit test tight-fitting half-face respirators. Our respiratory protection consultants can answer any questions and help you determine which type of respirator fit testing is right for you.

The short answer: anywhere. You can schedule an appointment at any of our 6,500+ clinics nationwide, bring the clinic to wherever you are with our on-site fit testing teams, or utilize our DIY FIT KIT™. Talk to an expert about which solution is best for you ─ we are the most flexible fit testing provider out there – no matter the size, industry, or location, we can fit test your staff.

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