On-site Fit Tests: Convenience,
Safety and Compliance

A convenient and cost-effective way to provide OSHA-mandated fit testing
for multiple employees at your workplace.

Let Us Design Your Fit Test Program

How On-Site
Fit Testing Works

Mobile Health can quickly send an expert fit testing team to your location to confirm the right fit and seal of workers’ N95 respirators, keeping your business OSHAcompliantMobile Health’s on-site fit testing is the fastest most efficient way to screen, clear and protect workers on the job.

  • Our professional team brings all fit testing supplies to your workplace 
  • You provide the workers for fit testingthe respirators they will wear on the job (OSHA requirement) and a place for us to fit test 
  • Prior to fit testing, Mobile Health physicians evaluate each worker to make sure they are medically able to wear an N95 respirator. 
  • You see results of medical reviews and fit tests the next day through our HIPAA-compliant Client Portal.

4 Reasons to Fit Test On-Site

#1 Convenience

We Fit Test all your employees at your location(s) – they don’t have to go anywhere! Mobile Health takes care of all the details. No operational headaches for you to manage.

#2 Scalability

We can Fit Test thousands of workers during a single on-site testing event. We can run 24-hour events to cover all employee shifts.

#3 Safe, Secure & Compliant

Our team follows all CDC guidelines, social distancing, etc. to reduce risks. Our technology is simple to use, secure, and HIPPA compliant.

#4 We Make it Easy

Mobile Health manages the entire on-site Fit Testing process for you. We work closely to get the list of employees who require a Fit Test and begin with an easy-to-use online medical evaluation. Once a Mobile Health physician clears the employee for a Fit Test, we schedule all Fit Testing around your employees schedule. The Mobile Health team handles all the details from start to finish!


Fit Test FAQs

We have A’s to your Q’s – see our list of most commonly – and frequently – asked questions.

Your Responsibilities

Bringing a Mobile Health Fit Testing team on-site to protect your workplace is easy and fast. We do all the work!

On the day of Fit Testing, we ask you to provide a few things: a main point of contact, a clean and private space (conference rooms work best), a table and a few chairs.

OSHA requires that we perform the Fit Test using the respirator the employee will wear. Employees must have their repirator with them when they arrive for the test.

Technology Advantage

With on-site Fit Testing, you enjoy the benefits of Mobile Health’s HIPAA-compliant technology platform and Client Portal. You’ll have 24/7 access to employee’s Fit Test results. Our platform helps you stay compliant with state and federal occupational health regulations with tools and reminders. And our system integrates with many Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), sending employee medical records and results automatically from our platform to yours.

And best of all, once you’re a Mobile Health client, you have access to all our occupational health services such as drug testing, COVID-19 testing, immunizations, annual health assessments, and more!

Let Mobile Health design a Respirator Fit Testing program to
meet your workplace compliance and safety requirements.

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