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From full to half face masks, we are your go-to provider for all things respiratory compliance. Our process is simple: your staff complete their Mobile Health online medical evaluations before we arrive, we perform quantitative fit testing at your location, and you receive instant results in the Mobile Health Respirator Fit Testing Portal.

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Mobile Health’s Respirator Fit Testing Portal serves as a one-stop shop for all things respiratory compliance and as a central repository for all documents to streamline your compliance process. How?​

  • Central storage of fit test results, clearance certificates, and medical evaluations, accessible 24/7 365.​
  • Comprehensive view of your program’s progress, detailing who’s been tested, who’s been cleared, and their results.​
  • Ability to take medical evaluations anytime, anywhere, from any device, with Mobile Health Physician review.
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Mobile Health’s Respirator Fit Testing Portal puts the power of compliance at your fingertips – giving you everything you need to know about your program, storing all documents and results. Recordkeeping has never been so easy.​ OSHA audit? Our Portal will make sure you’re ready and fully compliant.


Respiratory compliance is stressful. We’ve modeled our programs to solve this issue for employers nationwide. We bring the team, testing, and reporting technology to stand up a quantitative fit testing clinic anywhere you need us. You won’t have to lift a finger, seriously.

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Your employees rely on you for their safety, you need a reliable partner for their respiratory protection. For 39 years, our clients have been able to count on our clinical excellence. OSHA, MSHA, and DOH-compliant quantitative fit testing with results sent straight to your HIPAA/HITECH-compliant portal.

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If you have a NIOSH-approved respirator, we’re ready to fit test! No matter the make, model, or size. We can bring both quantitative and qualitative fit testing to you ─ whatever you need from 10 to 100,000 employees. Whether it’s your breakroom or office space, our on-site team can make any space fit test ready.


A quantitative fit test uses a machine to numerically count the actual amount of particles that are able to enter the respirator when worn by the user. The individual “passes” if the numerically calculated fit factor, measuring the amount of leakage into the respirator, is above the accepted limit.

Yes! Quantitative fit testing can be used for all NIOSH-approved full-face and tight-fitting half-face respirators.

From 10 – 100,000 employees, we bring the clinic to you! Our on-site quantitative fit testing teams come equipped with the staff, testing, and technology to get the job done. Results will come to you in real-time on your client portal.

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