When we say we’re in your neighborhood, we mean it! 77% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Mobile Health clinic. Ready to book an appointment? We make it easy by putting scheduling power in the hands of your people! Send your employees a link to our Patient Portal, and they can book next-day appointments at any of our 6,500+ locations. Once their fit test is complete, you get real-time results in the HIPAA-compliant Mobile Health Respirator Fit Testing Portal.

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Mobile Health’s Respirator Fit Testing Portal serves as a one-stop shop for all things respiratory compliance and as a central repository for all documents to streamline your compliance process. How?​

  • Central storage of fit test results, clearance certificates, and medical evaluations, accessible 24/7 365.​
  • Comprehensive view of your program’s progress, detailing who’s been tested, who’s been cleared, and their results.​
  • Ability to take medical evaluations anytime, anywhere, from any device, with Mobile Health Physician review.
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Mobile Health’s Respirator Fit Testing Portal puts the power of compliance at your fingertips – giving you everything you need to know about your program, storing all documents and results. Recordkeeping has never been so easy.​ OSHA audit? Our Portal will make sure you’re ready and fully compliant.


Our award-winning results dashboard can directly integrate with your HRIS/ATS system ─ sending results automatically from our platform to yours. No other provider has the technology for seamless result integration ─ just another reason why we’re ahead of the rest. From fit test results to online medical evaluations, you can satisfy fit test requirements and OSHA-mandated record-keeping protocols without lifting a finger.

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From small construction crews to nationwide medical centers, Mobile Health has performed fit testing for thousands of employers. Our services are backed by 39 years of clinical excellence in providing employment screening across the country. Each fit tester in our clinics is a licensed, experienced clinician with a passion for protecting your people.

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Our process is simple ─ your workers complete their medical evaluation through our technology, schedule their own appointment at one of our 6,500+ clinics, and each result is sent directly to you. If you want to test a group of employees at once, utilize our self-administered FIT KIT™ or on-site respirator fit testing teams.


You or your employee schedule the respirator fit test at the most convenient time and location ─ next-day appointments at over 6,500+ nationwide clinics! Prior to fit testing, the employee submits their OSHA-required online medical evaluation provided by Mobile Health. Medically cleared workers bring the respirator they will wear on the job to their appointment. Following a successful test, the employee receives a certification for their respirator make and model, which is valid for one year. You can access results of the OSHA medical evaluation and respirator fit test in real-time through the HIPAA-compliant Mobile Health Respirator Fit Testing Portal. 

With Mobile Health’s 6,500+ nationwide locations, there’s a clinic right in your employee’s neighborhood. Let’s get you access to our scheduling and results portal for our national network of clinics! Fill out the form on this page and one of our fit testing experts will connect with you.

Both the employee and employer will receive confirmation of respirator fit test results. Upon successful completion of the respirator fit test, all passing candidates will be provided a clearance card and certificate specifying the respirator make and model for which they have been cleared. This complies with OSHA regulations to provide a copy of results to the candidate to maintain on their person for proof. These results will also be documented for the employer on the Mobile Health dashboard or directly to your HRIS/ATS system through our innovative integration technology.

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