How to Do Fit Testing: Qualitative Testing for OSHA Compliance

Fit testing simply puts the respirator to test ─ ensuring that it’s doing its job to protect your employees from airborne hazards.

So, how is fit testing performed?

Here’s the quick version: The fit tester performs an initial threshold test using nebulizers filled with Bitrex (a bitter-tasting solution) or saccharin (a sweet-tasting solution). The first part of the test is completed without the respirator. The tester pumps the nebulizer into the testing hood until the employee signals that they can taste the testing agent. This number of pumps determines what number will be used in the next part of the test. Next, the employee will don the respirator and the testing hood and complete a series of movements while the nebulizer is squeezed into the hood. If the employee doesn’t taste anything during these exercises, the worker passes the test and is cleared to wear their respirator!


Record-keeping is imperative to OSHA compliance ─ we make it easy. Mobile Health’s tracking and reporting technology protects and organizes your respirator fit test and medical evaluation results. Along with having results on file, all passing candidates must be provided a clearance card specifying the respirator make and model for which they have been cleared. OSHA regulations require candidates to maintain this card on their person for proof.


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