Instant Compliance, Ongoing Support: The Mobile Health Fit Testing Model

Annual and new hire fit testing can be an ongoing stress factor ─ our programs are designed to get your business in compliance immediately, plus a long-term plan to maintain your progress. So, ‘instant compliance, ongoing support’ ─ what can this mean for you?

Instant Compliance: On-Site Fit Testing

We bring our on-site fit testing team to your breakroom, office, or conference room and run a clinic until every staff member has completed their required testing. From 10 to 100,000 employees, we’ve done it all. Our teams have operated 24/7 to accommodate multiple shifts, tested in the breakroom of a manufacturing plant, and launched multi-site programs for nationwide healthcare systems.

In short, we bring the clinic to our clients no matter the scope or the need. When it’s all said and done, every employee will have their fit test clearance card, and you will have every record you need for OSHA compliance. We keep everything secure and organized for you in our HIPAA and HITECH-compliant portal.

But what next? You will hire new candidates, your employees may need to change respirators, or an urgent need will come out of the blue ─ we’ll support you through any of these circumstances. You can fit test new hires and other employees after your on-site event with our on-demand solutions: next-day fit testing at our 6,500+ clinics or our self-administered FIT KIT™ that can be kept on-hand for testing at any time.

Ongoing Support: FIT KIT™

For fast and efficient pre-employment and annual testing, the Mobile Health FIT KIT™ is the perfect solution. We send supplies, training, and certifications straight to your door and train your staff to fit test your employees like pros. You can keep the FIT KIT™ on hand and test up to 100 employees per kit, and we can send more kits as needed so you can always be ready to fit test. Our fit testing team is always available to answer questions along the way. When you use FIT KIT™, you get access to award-winning technology to store and protect your records.

Ongoing Support: 6,500+ Clinics

The Mobile Health portal is your new best friend, giving you access to our 6,500+ nationwide clinics. 77% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Mobile Health clinic ─ a game-changer for your hiring and compliance processes. You can schedule appointments two ways: through the client or patient portal. Our patient portal puts the power in the hands of your employees and takes the responsibility off of your plate! They receive a link and code that is unique to your company, and can schedule their appointment in user 30 seconds at a clinic close to them. The best part? You won’t have to lift a finger ─ just let the results roll in in real-time on the client portal.

Get instant compliance today

Ready for Mobile Health to bring instant compliance and ongoing support to you? We can’t wait to get to know your company and make respirator fit testing easier than ever. Get started today and one of our fit testing team members will reach out to you!