How Mobile Health Brings Respirator Fit Testing To You

At Mobile Health, we pride ourselves on being recognized as the industry leader in OSHA-compliant respirator fit testing. To us, this is more than a service. Fit testing is about protecting your people and giving you peace of mind. We make respirator fit testing effortless by going anywhere our partners need us. Maintaining OSHA compliance has never been easier with our range of available fit testing services.

On-Site Respirator Fit Testing

Maintain OSHA compliance faster and more efficiently than ever! With our on-site respirator fit testing, you can fit test anywhere, anytime for instant OSHA compliance. We bring the clinic to you ─ providing the staff, testing, and technology at your location to clear all of your employees at once. Our on-site teams can provide fit testing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate for everyone’s shift and schedule, with no disruption to the workday. Our award-winning technology enables us to provide real-time, HIPAA-compliant reporting in your Mobile Health portal. Learn more about our on-site respirator fit testing services here.

In-Clinic Respirator Fit Testing

Mobile Health has over 6,500 respirator fit testing clinics right in your employee’s neighborhood. Mobile Health’s national respirator fit testing services helps organizations of all sizes to maintain OSHA compliance effortlessly. Through our technology, your employees can access an online scheduling platform to book next-day fit testing appointments, taking individual scheduling off your hands. Real-time results of each employee’s fit test are sent to your HIPAA-compliant Mobile Health portal. Plus, we are the only provider with technology that seamlessly integrates results with your HRIS/ATS system, making OSHA-mandated record-keeping simple! Browse more information about our in-clinic respirator fit testing on our website.


The Mobile Health FIT KIT™ is a game-changer when it comes to respirator fit testing. FIT KIT™ is a self-administered respirator fit testing solution fully stocked with the supplies, training, and certifications needed to meet your compliance requirements. Mobile Health sends FIT KIT™ directly to you, provides online medical evaluations for fit test clearance, and trains your employees to test your staff like the pros. We understand the importance of support, which is why our fit testing experts will always be available to you when you need us, whether it be answering questions or giving expert advice on respiratory protection. With the Mobile Health FIT KIT™, anyone on your team can be a respirator fit tester. Find out more about the Mobile Health FIT KIT™ here.

Online Medical Evaluations

Clear your employees for respirator fit testing in minutes with Mobile Health’s online medical evaluations. A Mobile Health PLHCP will review their medical evaluations and provide results to you in real-time. Our technology provides an effortless record-keeping tool with HIPAA and HITECH-compliance. The evaluation can be completed from any device at any time, and our Mobile Health PLHCPs will provide a certificate in our HIPAA-secure portal upon clearance. Learn more about our online medical evaluations here.

Don’t know where to start? This is what we’re here for. Let’s talk all the details — number of employees, compliance deadlines, hiring processes, locations, HR needs, and more. We will design a plan to make respirator fit testing simple and efficient. Use this link to get connected with our experts.