Online Medical Evaluations: Faster Fit Testing Clearance

Speed Up Fit Testing Clearance With Medical Evaluations

Online medical evaluations are an important part of the respirator fit testing process. Whether you are opting to have your respirator fit testing completed in-house or with another respirator fit testing provider, Mobile Health provides online medical evaluations, innovative technology, and support to ensure you are OSHA-compliant. We simplify your OSHA-required recordkeeping and enable your employees to take their evaluation wherever they are on any device. With over 38 years in employee screening solutions, Mobile Health is here to help speed up your fit testing clearance with our online medical evaluations.

Mobile Health Makes Record Keeping Simple & Streamlined

In order to be OSHA-compliant, employers are required to keep records of employee medical evaluations for the entire duration of their employment plus an additional 30 years. Recordkeeping can be time consuming for employers and can slow down fit testing clearance for your organization. Mobile Health can help you simplify your record keeping, streamlining your fit testing clearance. Our portal provides employers with live updates of employee clearance and is also HIPAA and HITECH-compliant. Simplify your recordkeeping and speed up your fit testing clearance with Mobile Health and our innovative technology.

We Enable You to Achieve Fit Test Clearance Anywhere, Anytime

At Mobile Health, it is our mission to provide employers with the technology and testing support to clear and protect their people. Through our technology, employers are able to have their employees complete online medical evaluations whenever and wherever they are, speeding up your clearance process. We send your employees a link to complete their medical evaluations and Mobile Health PLHCPs report results on the same day.

Mobile Health Can Customize Your Medical Evaluations

At Mobile Health, we understand that each and every company has different needs and work environments. This is why our online medical evaluations can be customized beyond OSHA’s standard evaluation to fit the needs of your company. Contact Mobile Health for a customized end-to-end plan to maintain OSHA compliance for your organization.

Not sure where to start? OSHA requires all employees to complete a medical evaluation prior to respirator fit testing. Mobile Health provides online medical evaluations that your employees can complete in minutes. You can choose our online medical evaluations as a standalone service or pair it with our respirator fit testing solutions. Get started with Mobile Health today.