A Closer Look: Respirator Fit Testing Technology

Technology can make or break your respirator fit testing program. When is the last time you thought about the tech and processes that keep your program running? With Mobile Health, our technology helps you schedule fit tests, get faster results, ensure recordkeeping compliance, and can even be utilized to run your own in-house fit testing program. Let’s take a closer look at what Mobile Health’s technology can do for you.


With our platform, your employees can schedule their respirator fit testing appointment THEMSELVES at any of our 6,500+ fit testing clinics. Just a few clicks on their mobile device, and they’re good to go. Plus, we send each employee a link to complete their online OSHA medical evaluation before their fit test. All results will come directly to your client portal. Easy as that.


How do we get faster results? We eliminate all the middlemen and send results directly to you in real time. There is no snail mail, emails, or exchanging of hands to be done for you to receive results. If you choose to use our on-site fit testing teams, that means as soon as your event is complete, you will have every medical evaluation and fit testing record you need before we leave the building.


Keeping your records organized and available is the most important thing when it comes to OSHA compliance. With Mobile Health, we will send your records wherever you need them. If having all results in your Mobile Health portal does the trick, great! If you need us to integrate all results and send records directly from our platform to your HRIS/ATS, we can do that too.


With the Mobile Health FIT KIT™, you can perform respirator fit testing yourself! This means you report results through our award-winning platform. We will train you how to fit test and how to use our reporting technology. The best part? When you report a passing fit test, our platform automatically generates a certificate of completion for compliance. All you need is a date, employee name, and passing result, and BOOM, your one-click record download is ready.


Our 38 years of protecting employees and businesses continues to be enhanced by our client-first technology. We can get your access to our tech today! Let’s streamline your respiratory protection program and make compliance a breeze. Talk to an expert to see how our fit testing services and technology can empower your organization.