Healthcare Changes How They Fit Test Employees for 2023

If you can fit test yourself, why wouldn’t you? Well, for large healthcare facilities, there are a number of reasons. First, the high volumes of nurses needing respirator fit testing has become a burden on staff. Processes lack efficiency, resulting in delays and record-keeping mistakes.

Second, by the time staff have spent the time performing in-house fit testing, it would have been more cost-effective to bring in the professionals.

And last but not least, facilities tend to overlook the prerequisite to respirator fit testing, which is OSHA’s medical evaluation. When this step is missing from the process, it results in fines of up to $14,502 per violation.

So, what are healthcare facilities turning to instead? Mobile Health’s on-site fit testing teams and 6,500+ fit testing clinics for an all-inclusive compliance program.


No more scrambling or overwhelmed employees. Mobile Health’s respirator fit testing process for healthcare is simple. If you choose to use our on-site fit testing teams, your employees complete Mobile Health’s OSHA online medical evaluation before we arrive, our staff fit tests all employees on-site, and we report results in real time to your client portal.

If you choose to use our 6,500+ respirator fit testing clinics, you can simply send your employees a link to our patient portal, they choose a time and clinic that works for them, and results come straight to you! But why not do both? This is the way most of our healthcare partners choose to go, and they never look back! They fit test all staff annually with an on-site fit testing event and then send new hires to our clinics until the next event.


Your respirator fit testing program shouldn’t constantly change. With the right provider, the work gets done for you and you always know you’re in compliance. Plus, Mobile Health is more than a provider, we’re your partner. We increase operational efficiency, cut costs, and let you move forward with ease for years to come. Talk to one of our respiratory protection consultants to get expert insight on how your healthcare facility can conquer respirator fit testing.