How Long-Term Care Can Avoid 2023 OSHA Fines

OSHA fines are no joke. One violation of OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard 1901.134 can result in a $14,502 fine. Sounds scary… but no need to worry! Long-term care can avoid these fines with a few easy steps.


How does your facility complete OSHA medical evaluations? This can make or break OSHA compliance for long-term care respiratory protection. Every employee has to complete an OSHA medical evaluation before they can safely use a respirator in the workplace and before they can complete a respirator fit test. Some long-term care companies choose to do these evaluations in-house, some choose to go the old clinic and paper records route. Both of these solutions can have major issues.

The first issue is documentation. You need all records of medical evaluations in one HIPAA-compliant platform. This helps you know that you have every document you need to be OSHA-ready, and you won’t have to go searching if they walk through your doors. This can fall through the cracks when you complete medical evaluations in-house and rely on paper records.

Here’s what we recommend:

STEP 1 – Send your employees a link to Mobile Health’s online medical evaluation
STEP 2 – Employees can complete the questionnaire anytime, anywhere, from any device
STEP 3 – A Mobile Health PLHCP will review the answers in real time and report them immediately to your Mobile Health Client Portal

And that’s it! No other steps to complete or details you have to worry you missed.


We’ve seen many organizations try and perform their own fit testing in-house. This becomes a huge burden or your staff. You have to order the supplies, create a fit testing training curriculum, complete the training, find a reporting software (the list goes on). Mobile Health’s on-site teams help long-term care facilities maintain compliance in just one day. We bring everything needed to fit test your people and report results on the spot. After that, you send your new hires to our 6,500+ fit testing clinics until your next scheduled on-site event.

If you’ve ever thought, “Maybe we should stop trying to do everything ourselves” … take this as a sign! With us, you will be confident that your organization is OSHA compliant. Don’t let your in-house team fall behind on annual fit tests, your long-term care facility can rely on us.


Are you always worried you’re not in compliance? Our OSHA experts can review your written respiratory protection program and help you determine if there are things you’re missing. We make a way to streamline your program, cut costs, and meet your compliance deadlines all at the same time. Don’t have a written program? That’s okay! We can help with that as well. Mobile Health has a long history with long-term care organizations, and we would love to help you next. Click here to send a message to our respiratory protection consultants.