Mobile Fit Testing Becomes Healthcare’s Standard in OSHA Respiratory Compliance

OSHA-standard respirator fit testing has been delivered the same way for decades. Mobile Health developed an expedited solution for the 1.3 million U.S. employers affected by this standard, innovating the old standard with new – and faster – compliance. The company brings mobile respiratory solutions to the doorstep of employers, revolutionizing how businesses tackle respiratory compliance and occupational health.


Mobile Health provides mobile solutions for both qualitative fit testing (standard for half-face masks) and quantitative fit testing (standard for full-face masks). These on-site programs increase operational efficiency for employers, save thousands in potential OSHA fines, and offer a one-stop program through one provider. When employees can be fit tested without leaving the workplace, the time saved for both employees and employee health departments quickly adds up to millions. Healthcare companies across the nation now turn to Mobile Health to streamline their OSHA respiratory compliance.


Every on-site exam Mobile Health performs prevents a $15,625 minimum fine for healthcare, mining, construction, agriculture, and more major industries. Mobile Health’s services cover every exam element of OSHA’s respiratory protection standard ─ qualitative and quantitative fit testing paired with online medical evaluations. Employers no longer have to worry about their staff missing an appointment because the clinic is now at the workplace. Mobile Health’s respiratory protection consultants also help employers cover the written elements of the standard, ensuring every document is in order for an OSHA audit.

Mobile Health’s teams are deployed across the country, working with multi-location facilities and thousands of employers to meet their OSHA-compliance needs. The company can test any mask, anywhere, for any industry. To learn more about sending the Mobile Health Team to your facility, click here.