Why Senior Living Centers Turn to On-Site Providers for Respirator Fit Testing

Senior living centers work around the clock to care for their residents (downtime is non-existent). With overwhelming OSHA regulations, senior living is now turning to on-site exam providers to accomplish respirator fit testing. Rather than sending caregivers offsite during work hours to have them sit in a waiting room, senior living facilities are sending the clinic right to their doorstep.

Here are some reasons why senior living centers are turning to on-site providers for respirator fit testing:

Convenience and Efficiency

On-site providers offer the convenience and efficiency of conducting respirator fit testing without the need for staff to travel off-site. This saves time and money while minimizing disruptions to daily routines and workflow. Mobile Health’s on-site technology utilized by our clinicians will send all results the same day to your Client Portal ─ saving valuable time for your administrative staff.

Expertise and Training

On-site fit testing providers are highly trained and experienced in conducting respirator fit testing. They are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and regulations, ensuring that staff are properly protected and informed. Mobile Health offers training on how to properly use and maintain respirators as part of your OSHA-required respiratory protection program.

Compliance and Recordkeeping

On-site respirator fit testing providers can help senior living centers stay compliant with regulatory requirements. Mobile Health’s client portal houses results for both respirator fit tests and OSHA medical evaluations. Your portal is HIPAA-compliant and can integrate directly with the HRIS/ATS used by your administrative staff.

Let’s Chat

If you’re looking for an on-site respirator fit testing partner, Mobile Health has helped senior living facilities maintain compliance and protect their caregivers for 39 years. Message our senior living compliance experts to get the conversation started.