Respirator Fit Testing FAQs

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How Mobile Health Brings Respirator Fit Testing To You | On-Site Respirator Fit Testing


A: At Mobile Health, our clinical fit testing team is authorized to perform respirator fit testing, ensuring that each mask fits correctly and provides the intended protection. If you opt for our Fit Kit™, any member of your team can perform fit testing following a live training session with our team. 

A: Mobile Health specializes in respirator fit testing and occupational health solutions. Weprovide fit testing services through our team of trained and certified health professionals. Our team ensures your respirators are fitted according to regulatory standards. 

A: Fit testing is generally safe during pregnancy when conducted using the proper protocols. Pregnant employees should consult with their healthcare provider before undergoing fit testing. 

A: All tight-fitting facepiece respirators, such as N95 masks, require fit testing to ensure a proper seal and fit. Depending on the respirator used, the mask will be required to undergo qualitative or quantitative fit testing.

A: You can get respirator fit testing done anywhere with our on-site fit testing service, and also at any of our clinics. Our Mobile Health Fit Kit™ is another option, enabling any member of your team to perform fit testing. 

A: Mobile Health’s respirator fit testing policy meets OSHA’s respiratory protection standard 29 CFR1910.134, ensuring safety and compliance for all workers who require respirator use. 

A: Respirator fit testing is required before an employee first uses a respirator, whenever a different respirator facepiece is used, and at least annually thereafter. Respirators are required in workplaces where employees may be at risk for exposure to airborne hazards. 

A: An N95 fit test kit, specifically the Mobile Health FitKit™, is equipped with all the essential materials needed to conduct fit tests for up to 100 individuals. This includes a test hood, nebulizer, sensitivity solution, and test solution, along with clear instructions. Additionally, with each Fit Kit™ purchase, Mobile Health offers 25 free evaluations, which are a required step prior to fit testing, to ensure your N95 masks are fitted properly for maximum protection and safety. 

A: A quantitative respirator fit test measures leakage into the respirator, providing a numerical estimate of the fit. This is known as a fit factor and is quantified by a machine rather than relying on the user’s sense of taste. 

A: OSHA requires respirator fit testing to be done at least annually. However, it should also be performed whenever there are changes in the type of respirator used, or if the wearer undergoes any major physical changes, such as weight loss/gain of 20 or more pounds.

A: A respirator fit test consists of several exercises designed to assess the respirator’s fit under various conditions. This includes checking for air leakage and ensuring the wearer can comfortably perform typical movements encountered on the job. 

A: A respirator fit test works by checking that the mask forms a tight seal on the wearer’s face. It typically involves wearing the respirator under a hood, through which a test agent is released. The wearer performs specific movements to ensure the mask stays sealed. 

A: To perform a respirator fit test, a certified tester administers a series of tests to check the seal of the mask to the face. Mobile Health professionals are trained to perform these tests using OSHA-approved protocols. 


Mobile Health is the industry leader in occupational health testing solutions with 39 years of clinical excellence. When it comes to meeting annual respirator fit test requirements, our partners always have peace of mind.

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