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Respirator Fit Testing Success Stories
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Respirator Fit Testing has been a Mobile Health standard for 37 years. The 2020 Pandemic escalated demand for the procedure by healthcare and other industries. New safety requirements required other professionals to don N95 respirators for the first time. The following examples highlight Mobile Health’s customized approach to industry-specific needs allowed us to deploy successful solutions across the United States!

NY integrated healthcare system of hospitals, health centers, long-term care and more – 10,000+ on-site fit tests for frontline workers at height of pandemic and ongoing fit testing.
Philadelphia world-renowned academic medical center – hybrid solution of 8,330 respirator fit tests across 105 on-site events AND 178 FIT KIT™ self-administered solutions for satellite locations.
Pennsylvania Dental Association – 2,000+ fit tests for dentists and staff at four central locations.
GHX – collaboration to streamline access to respirator fit tests for 240,000+ hospital vendor representatives.
Largest provider for the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly - 19 FIT KIT™ self-administered fit test solutions for up to 200 workers each.
Maryland not-for-profit family planning agency - FIT KIT ™ self-administered fit test solution for 25 employees.
NJ custom builder of windows and doors - FIT KIT ™ self-administered fit test solution for 10 employees.
National creator of sustainable products and technologies for food industry - FIT KIT ™ self-administered fit test solution for 25 employees.
North Carolina Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Practice - FIT KIT ™ self-administered fit test solution for 25 employees.
NY-based VA services - 100 respirator fit tests weekly.
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Pandemic Pivot

Fit-Testing 7,000+ NY Frontline Healthcare Workers STAT

Challenge: To meet an emergency need in New York City, the pandemic’s epicenter, for respirator fit testing to protect thousands of NYC healthcare workers. 

Solution:  On 72 hours notice and amidst a PPE shortage, Mobile Health mounted a large on-site fit testing event at an NYC Health & Hospital facility. 

  • Mobile Health designed a program to cover all shifts in the shortest amount of time possible. This meant 24 hour coverage to meet NYC H&H staff at a time that was most convenient for them and did not disrupt the delivery of care.
  • Mobile Health deployed our simple and easy-to-use online medical evaluation platform. Employees answered a few short questions and a Mobile Health physician reviewed before they were given a Respirator Fit Test.
  • This large-scale testing event has been duplicated for clients with large numbers of staff to help them rapidly meet OSHA requirements.
  • NYC Health & Hospitals were anxious about getting this volume through quickly. Mobile Health alleviated these concerns with a customized plan that cleared employees quickly.

Dentistry First

On-site Respirator Fit Tests for Pennsylvania Dental Association

Challenge: Provide an efficient respirator fit testing (RFT) solution for the 5,300-member Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA). 

Solution: Mobile Health achieved a nationwide first for dentistry: creating a multi-site respirator fit testing event for PDA members. 

  • On short notice, Mobile Health created separate fit testing events at five Pennsylvania locations.  
  • After a successful initial multi-site event, we organized a second four-site fit testing event, where registration of PDA members tripled 
  • Our multi-site approach made it easy for dental staff around the state to obtain fit testing so they could safely reopen their practices. 
  • In total, Mobile Health fit-tested nearly 1,800 PDA dentists and their staffhelping them to comply with OSHA and state DOH regulations.
  • Mobile Health N95 Respirator Training and Fit Test Verification cards proved an effective practice builder, instilling patient confidence. 
  • PDA: With Mobile Health, we had the benefit and convenience of fit testing the entire state with a single company.” 
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Integrated Scheduling Simplifies Vendor Compliance with Hospital Access Rules

Challenge: To meet a pandemic-driven need by the vendor credentialing market leader to protect vendor representatives who serve hospitals nationwide.  

Solution: Mobile HealthGlobal Health Exchange, LLC (GHX) collaboration to simplify reps’ access to the OSHA-mandated Respirator Fit Test. 

  • Mobile Health Respirator Fit Test scheduling link on GHX Vendormate credentialing site makes it easy for GHX vendor representatives to schedule a fit test at the nearest Mobile Health location. 
  • Vendor representatives receive same- or next-day fit test results they can upload to Vendormate to attest they have completed the procedure. 
  • Enhances safety and compliance for GHX-affiliated hospitals and its more than 240,000 active vendor representatives. 
  • Integration into GHX business operations simplifies the scheduling of occupational health services. 
  • GHX: “This collaboration drives value for our suppliers and solves an important healthcare need right now on both the provider and supplier side.”