Mobile Health Respirator Fit Test Teams Deploy to Hard-Hit Hospitals

As the United States exceeds 3 million reported COVID-19 cases, surges in hospitalizations in hard-hit states continue to tax frontline workers. Currently, dozens of Florida hospital intensive care units (ICUs) are at or near capacity, while COVID-19 hospitalizations in Texas reached an all-time high of nearly 10,000 patients. Mobile Health will soon deploy mobile respirator fit test teams to overwhelmed hospitals around the country to conduct respirator fit tests for essential workers.

For hospitals and healthcare facilities needing on-site N95 respirator fit tests STATadditional mobile respirator fit test teams can deploy immediately anywhere in the United States.


OSHA-mandated respirator fit tests reassure wearers of N95 and KN95 respirators they’re protected from airborne particles, including COVID-19. Also, some hospitals require respirator fit tests for workers switching to a different mask or for previously untested additional workers. Read our respirator fit test FAQs.

Thirty-eight years of delivering occupational health screenings have equipped Mobile Health to work behind the lines to support NY’s front lines. When New York reached epicenter proportions earlier this year, we cleared tens of thousands of front line workers at their overburdened hospitals. Soon after, we created same-day multi-site respirator fit test events for hundreds of Pennsylvania dentists seeking to comply with stricter state DOH safety rules for dental care.

Then, as now, we can ‘mobilize’ to clear U.S. front line workers wherever needed.


Contact us today and we’ll deploy a mobile respirator fit test team immediately to your facility. Or point you to a more appropriate respirator fit testing solution for your business, like the Mobile Health FIT KIT™, which contains everything smaller businesses need to fit-test their own workers, using Mobile Health supplies and support. Or the option to schedule next-day respirator fit test appointments at one of our  6,500+ clinics nationwide.

Whichever respirator fit test option you select, Mobile Health will clear your essential workers safely and efficiently, freeing you to focus on patient care.

  • Sara Stein
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    Sara Stein