Fit-Testing the New N95 Wearers

Respiratory protection has come a long way from the animal bladder skins and wet cloths advocated in the 1800s for guarding against harmful inhalants. And as respirator technology advanced, landmark events have created a legion of new N95 wearers.

Along the way, Mobile Health has conducted respirator fit tests to protect workers and help businesses remain in compliance.


According to the CDC, the early 1900’s produced the first filtering respirators to protect American miners, the U.S. Navy and other industrial workers. Subsequently, for the last 50 years, OSHA has overseen respiratory protection standards. This includes obligatory respirator fit testing for first-time N95 wearers to ensure their mask has the proper fit and seal.

Public health emergencies like the 1990’s tuberculosis outbreak, the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have made respirators for healthcare workers a necessity. Additionally, COVID-19 required new business sectors to don N95 masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for the first time.


  • A Dentistry First: The HIV AIDS epidemic accustomed dentists to donning layers of PPE to prevent infection transmission. However, the American Dental Association recommendation of N95 masks as a reopening requirement meant they needed respirator fit tests STAT. For Pennsylvania dentists, Mobile Health arranged several large on-site respirator fit test events, ultimately fit-testing 1,800 dentists and associates.“That gave us the benefit and convenience of fit testing the entire state with a single company,” said Dr James A.H. Tauberg, DMD, president of the Pennsylvania Dental Association.
  • Seeing ‘Eye to Eye’ with N95 Rules: As hospitals resumed elective surgeries, medical vendors faced stricter re-entry requirements. That included Ivantis, a provider of minimally invasive glaucoma solutions. Ivantis surgical specialists needed to don N95s and face shields, per hospital and industry guidance. To clear specialists and field staff for hospital and OR entry, Ivantis turned to Mobile Health for respirator fit testing. Mobile Health respirator fit tests enabled the vital in-person connection between surgical specialists and surgeons, said Todd Abraham, Ivantis VP of Operations, and Chief Compliance Officer.
  • Supporting Hospital Support Staff: Often unseen but equally vital to hospital operations are its dedicated support workers: food service, sanitation, security, housekeeping, maintenance. When COVID-19 hit, an N95 mask became part of their hospital uniforms. Consequently, in New York, they were among tens of thousands of frontline and essential workers fit-tested by Mobile Health.


Whether your employees are new N95 wearers or veteran users, Mobile Health customizes respirator fit test solutions for businesses of every size. These range from individual respirator fit test appointments at any of 6,500+ Mobile Health locations to on-site respirator fit test events. For smaller businesses, FIT KIT™ provides an all-in-one respirator fit test solution using Mobile Health supplies, training, and support.

Contact Mobile Health today and we’ll devise a fit-testing strategy to protect your staff and keep you in compliance.

  • Sara Stein
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    Sara Stein