Unpacking FIT KIT™: Out-of-the-Box Fit Testing

Mobile Health has always offered respirator fit tests, either by clinic appointment or by going on-site to workplaces. However, heightened demand for fit tests during COVID-19 inspired a third fit test option: FIT KIT™.  

Mobile Health provides each organization with supplies and live virtual training. Each kit is shipped to businesses within 72 hours to fit test workers themselves. 

With FIT KIT™, Mobile Health literally boxed up its fit test expertise and made it available to businesses nationwide. 

FIT KIT™ offers an ideal fit test alternative for smaller businesses when an on-site event isn’t feasible but workers still require the OSHA-mandated fit test. FIT KIT™ also saves time by eliminating clinic visits for fit tests. Businesses that have used FIT KIT™ include outpatient facilities, senior living communities, schools, and dental offices.


Behind every FIT KIT™ is Mobile Health Logistics Coordinator Brooke Delvecchio. From order confirmation, Brooke begins to assemble both the in-the-box supplies and supporting FIT KIT™ services. Before the FIT KIT™ goes out the door, Brooke sends the client their secure, HIPAA-compliant online medical evaluation to begin clearance of workers.  

After each fit test candidate completes the medical evaluation, the Mobile Health PLHCP (physician or other licensed health care professional) determines whether to clear the worker for the procedure. “Clients love our solutions since it is so easy to track medical evaluation status and results online,” explained Brooke, who also helps to arrange on-site respirator fit test programs.

FIT KIT fit test supplies

Next, Brooke packs the FIT KIT™ with supplies:*  

  • Testing hoods 
  • Nebulizers 
  • Testing solution 
  • Sanitizer 
  • Printed instructions 
  • Fit test FAQs 
  • Respirator fit test certification cards for cleared workers with the candidate’s name, date of test, and model of fit-tested mask. 

*Respirators are not included.


Soon after FIT KIT™ delivery, Mobile Health provides live virtual training to demonstrate fit testing and answer client questions. Supplementing this live training are printed fit test instructions and FAQs as well as a pre-recorded training video. And of course, additional Mobile Health guidance and support is always a phone call away. 

Individual and Onsite Fit Tests 

Besides FIT KIT™, Mobile Health offers two more convenient options for respirator fit tests: 

  • Next-day appointments at any of our 6,500+ clinics nationwide
  • On-site fit testing programs: Mobile Health deploys in 72 hours, bringing the supplies and staff to your workplace to conduct fit testing for your employees.

Contact a Mobile Health Account Manager today to figure out which fit testing option is best for your business.

  • Sara Stein
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    Sara Stein