4 Considerations for Choosing a Respirator Fit Test Provider

The spread of COVID-19 has intensified the demand for respirator fit testing, especially in healthcare settings, where workers have direct contact with patients. As an OSHA-mandated screening, fit testing ensures the proper fit and seal of a user’s N95 respirator, preventing virus transmission.

With worker health and safety and OSHA compliance at stake, it is critical that employers choose a qualified respirator fit test vendor. As a provider of fit testing for more than 38 years, we have identified four characteristics of a qualified fit testing vendor – qualities reflected in the Mobile Health service model.

One-Stop Solutions

It’s not hard to find vendors who will provide fit testing OR supplies OR employee medical clearances. However, the optimal respirator fit test provider will deliver a professional end-to-end OSHA-compliant solution that includes every element. This not only saves you the time and headaches of contracting with multiple suppliers but also provides peace of mind that comes from choosing a vendor who will keep your employees, patients, and residents safe and healthy.

When it comes to fit testing, Mobile Health does it all. We provide testing supplies, fit testing, online medical evaluations reviewed by our PLHCPs (physician or other licensed health care professional), and a secure HIPAA-compliant Client Portal to monitor results. You get all of this with every Mobile Health fit test solution, whether you choose on-site fit testing at your workplace, our innovative DIY FIT KIT™ or convenient next-day fit tests at 6,500+ clinics nationwide.


The ideal fit test partner can pivot to meet your needs. That means providing services whenever necessary. Need to fit test 30,000 third-shift workers in a hurry? The right provider will respond quickly and even provide 24-hour turnaround if needed. They should offer flexible, scalable delivery options as well as secure technology to streamline fit test medical evaluations and reporting.

Mobile Health scales fit testing to employer’s needs and budgets. Our on-site teams mobilize quickly to provide fit testing at your location to make it easy for employees. We stay on-site for as long as needed – around the clock if necessary – until we have fit tested every worker. We also know when to recommend our pioneering DIY FIT KIT™ for smaller businesses. And when next-day fit tests at any of our 6,500+ sites around the country work best for you.


Cost is important, but you shouldn’t cut corners when protecting worker’s health and your company’s reputation. The optimal fit test vendor will go beyond fit testing to coordinate testing strategy and logistics and provide you with reliable, conscientious staff.

Mobile Health’s economical fit testing solutions provide end-to-end event management, from scheduling to staffing to reporting technology. Our fit testing teams show up when and where you need them. Your employees arrive at their scheduled time with their respirator, and Mobile Health takes care of the rest.


A fit test only takes about 15 minutes, but if done incorrectly can compromise a worker’s health by exposing them to airborne hazards, including COVID-19. A reputable fit test provider will provide certified fit testers who adhere to OSHA respiratory protection standards and respirator handling protocols. They will have a proven track record of fit testing in your industry and references to support those claims.

We have provided fit testing for hundreds of employers across sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, and more, for more than four decades. Hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities and others trust us to fit test their frontline healthcare workers.

We are your fit testing experts!

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

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