Strategies to Streamline Sub-Acute Care Respiratory Protection

There are two factors to think about when it comes to respirator fit testing: testing all of your current staff and testing new hires throughout the year. When sub-acute care starts to think about these as the biggest pieces of the pie, your program will start working like a well-oiled machine! First, let’s start with all current staff…

Switch to On-Site Fit Testing for Current Staff

For many of our sub-acute care partners, we bring our on-site respirator fit testing teams to fit test every employee all in one go. Your employees complete Mobile Health’s online OSHA medical evaluations before we arrive, we bring our clinicians and all supplies to fit test your staff, and we report all results in your HIPAA-compliant client portal before we leave. How does this help you? Think about your staff members who have to schedule (and reschedule) all of those fit test appointments? Or the staff members who perform in-house fit testing for everyone? You will take a huge burden off their plate and give them more time to do their actual job. Now, let’s move on to how you can seamlessly fit test your new hires.

Individual Respirator Fit Testing for New Hires

We have two ways of fit testing new hires for acute-care facilities ─ through Mobile Health’s 6,500+ clinics or we train you with our DIY Fit Kit™. For all in-clinic and Fit Kit™ results, your records will all come to the same place! Making each Mobile Health fit testing solution work together seamlessly. Our sub-acute care partners love how easy it is to schedule fit testing and receive results through our Client Portal. All In all, the amount of scheduling or in-house fit testing will largely decrease due to your on-site program, giving your teams from HR to RNs more time back in their day. Eventually, these new hires will merge into your annual/bi-annual on-site fit testing program, easy as that!

Chat with Us Today

Our respiratory protection consultants would love to meet with you! Between our 6,500+ fit testing clinics, the DIY Fit Kit™, and on-site fit testing teams, we are confident we can tailor a program to streamline compliance, increase efficiency, and cut costs for your sub-acute care facility! Send us a message and we will set up a time to chat.