How Ambulatory Centers Simplify Respirator Fit Testing

Clearing your EMTs, paramedics, and other patient-facing staff should be simple! OSHA’s respiratory protection standard is lengthy and confusing, but making a plan from your ambulatory center is easier than you think. We’re here to give you the 411 on what you need to maintain OSHA compliance and how to put your plan into action.

These are the 4 documents OSHA is looking for to maintain compliance with Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134:

Written Respiratory Protection Program

Completed Medical Evaluations, cleared ​by a PLHCP​

Results of Respirator Fit Test​

Clearance Cards​

Mobile Health’s consultants help ambulatory centers nail down their written respiratory protection program, and then we handle the rest from there ─ including OSHA’s required employee training on use of respirators and proper sanitation protocols!

We’ve been doing this for 38 years, so you can trust that you’re in good hands! Here is our simple, straightforward respirator fit testing process:


OSHA requires medical evaluations before your paramedics and EMTs are fit tested. Why? Because this ensures that they are medically able to wear respirators and complete a respirator fit test.

Mobile Health does OSHA medical evaluations for ambulatory centers differently. We send your employees a link to complete their fit test before their appointment, our PLHCPs review the evaluation in real-time, and report results to your Client Portal the same day.


We offer 3 flexible ways to fit test. Choose one or mix and match to accommodate your new hires in the future! You can send your paramedics and EMTs to our 6,500+ nationwide clinics, we can bring our on-site teams to your ambulatory center, or we can train your staff to fit test your paramedics and EMTs with our DIY Fit Kit™. There is no medical degree or certification required for your people to become in-house respirator fit testers! You simply have to complete training that ensures you are competent to perform the test. Everything included in Fit Kit™ is OSHA and DOH-compliant. We also provide you with the technology to report results…which leads us to step 3!


This may not seem like a ‘step,’ but it’s the most important one in the eyes of OSHA! Because when they come through your doors, all their auditors are looking for is documentation. And we make it easy to have everything in one secure, organized place. Having files on a laptop, papers in a filing cabinet, or hundreds of results sent by email is risky when it comes to OSHA compliance. That’s why you need your medical evaluation and fit test results all come to one place ─ the HIPAA-compliant Mobile Health portal. We will issue your employees’ respirator fit testing clearance cards at the time of their completed fit test. And that’s everything!


We hope this blog helped clear up any confusion your ambulatory center may have about compliance with Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134. Have follow-up questions or want to see which of our fit testing options would be best for you? Click here and you can send a message to our team of respiratory protection consultants.