Healthcare Falls Behind on Respiratory Protection: Here’s How to Catch Up

From PPE shortages to employee turnover rates, it’s easy for healthcare to fall behind on compliance with OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134. Mobile Health has implemented respirator fit testing programs for healthcare facilities overnight to help them catch up and streamline their program moving forward. Here are our tips for catching up in your facility:

Utilize Online Medical Evaluations

Before your staff can wear a respirator and be fit tested, they have to complete an OSHA medical evaluation. This ensures they are medically fit to wear a respirator in the workplace. Asthma and previous health conditions can affect the outcome of this evaluation. Mobile Health’s online medical evaluations make this clearance easier than ever. All you need to do is send your employees a link, and they complete the evaluation anytime, anywhere, from any device. Results will come straight to you! All OSHA-compliance documentation will be available in your Mobile Health Client Portal.

Employees will get results back within minutes! All evaluations are reviewed in real time by Mobile Health’s PLHCPs. For those evaluations that need additional follow-up, our physicians will contact your employees through the phone number they provide on their evaluation to ask clarifying questions.

Host an On-Site Fit Testing Clinic

Fit testing your staff all at once is the best way to achieve instant compliance. Sending employees individually to the local clinic or trying to fit test in-house can slow everyone down. Those are great options when you have 3 employees to test, not 300. Mobile Health’s on-site fit testing teams have become a lifesaver for healthcare! We have 24/7 operations to accommodate every shift and schedule. Our teams once completed 39K fit tests in ONE single event ─ now that’s how you play catch up! Then as new hires come along, our 6,500+ fit testing clinics and DIY Fit Kit™ ensure you never fall behind again.

Don’t Forget to Make Future Plans!

Catching up is great, but Mobile Health is here to make sure you never have to do that again! Our Respiratory Protection Consultants help you streamline your program for effortless, cost-effective OSHA compliance. For 39 years we have helped healthcare worry less and do more. Get in contact with us today to set up a meeting! We can answer any questions you have about our respirator fit testing solutions and OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134.