How to Prep for March 27th: OSHA Respiratory Protection Fine Increase

On January 17, 2023, OSHA announced a 7.7% violation fine increase, raising the fine from $14,502 per violation to $15,625 per violation.

But this is not the update that has everyone talking…

Effective March 27th, fines will be applied on an instance-by instance-basis (IBI), resulting in fines for every employee out of compliance rather than each facility out of compliance. This will have a significant impact on OSHA’s Respiratory Protection audits. For every employee that hasn’t completed their OSHA medical evaluation, completed their annual respirator fit test, or is simply wearing the wrong PPE ─ you will be fined $15,625 per employee. These fines can quickly reach triple digits.

Don’t panic.

Mobile Health can meet this compliance timeline to ensure you are ready for March 27th.  We provide the industry’s most flexible and rapid solutions. Here’s how: 

  1. On-Site Respirator Fit Testing 
    Our on-site respirator fit testing teams have deployed overnight to ensure employers maintain compliance with OSHA’s respiratory protection standard. Here’s the quick version of our on-site process: we send your employees their online medical evaluations in advance, we set up our clinic anywhere in your facility, and we provide clearance cards and digital records to you the same day. This is the most streamlined way to maintain respiratory compliance, and we couldn’t be prouder of the Mobile Health teams that make this happen for employers across the nation.
  2. In-House Fit Testing 
    Performing fit testing yourself is another rapid solution for compliance. Mobile Health’s innovative Fit Kit™ comes stocked with OSHA-compliant supplies, training guides, and clearance cards to instantly get your program off the ground. You will also receive access to our reporting technology and online medical evaluations, making Fit Kit™ a one-stop compliance solution.
  3. Off-Site Fit Testing Clinics
    Mobile Health has 6,500+ clinics with next-day appointments and more availability than any other provider. Plus, through the Mobile Health Patient Portal, your employees schedule themselves at a time that works for them ─ then the fit testing results come straight to you. When you partner with Mobile Health, sending employees to a clinic is an easy, streamlined solution for OSHA compliance.
Ask questions, be proactive

We hope our solutions have put your mind at ease for OSHA’s revised and increased violation policies. Don’t wait until March 27th. If you have questions about OSHA’s new policy, the Respiratory Protection Standard, or about Mobile Health’s fit testing solutions, contact our experts today.